Farm Life

Sustainable living starts here.

At Riverside Farm, we embrace sustainable living as a way of protecting our precious environment. We recognise that the choices we make, no matter how big or small, have an impact. We choose to employ farming practices that not only minimise our footprint, but, where possible, leave a positive trace. We try to consume the produce from our animals, orchard, and vege garden ourselves. Extra produce is sold at our farm gate stall or is made into longer lasting yummy treats.


At Riverside Farm, we carefully choose our life stock to suit the land we farm. With the sometimes steep paddocks in our secluded valley, we need animals that tread lightly and can thrive on a slope.

Full of character, alpacas are well suited to our terrain and they don't cause soil compaction or erosion. Our herd of alpacas produce the most amazingly nutritious fertiliser and provide us with meat and hypoallergenic wool.

Originating in Ireland, Dexter cattle are a small and friendly breed of cow that are excellent milk and meat producers. We selected Dexters as they are small, light-weight, and flat-footed which is less damaging for our land. Dexters are also easy to handle, easy to calf, and are naturally excellent mothers.

Pru and Cilla, our resident goats, can often be found roaming outside their enclosure. They are very social animals and are on a bit of a free ride at the moment. While they currently lend a hand with the odd bit of weeding, their permanent role will be producing milk, some of which will be used for making cheese.

The final members of our livestock crew are our miniature ponies. Being easy-care animals with a healthy appetite, our miniature ponies are charged with eating the leftovers in the paddocks that our other animals don’t enjoy. This helps to maintain our paddocks while reducing the need to spray.

Farm Hands

All our animal farm hands have an important role to play in helping reduce our farming footprint.

Our orchard is home for a menagerie of birds. With important waste management roles, our chickens, ducks, and guinea fowl consume much of our household food waste. The meat and eggs produced by our birds are used to feed occupants of the farm. Fresh, free range eggs can be purchased at our farm gate stall.

Charlie, our farm cat who sometimes thinks she's a duck, looks after pest control. This reduces the need to use dangerous poisons around the farm.

Undoubtably, some of the cutest inhabitants of Riverside Farm are our rabbits and guinea pigs. While helping with waste management and weed control, they also roam the orchard leaving little fertiliser pellets in their wake.


Riverside Farm regularly hosts WWOOFers. We have made friends with people from all over the world who choose to travel, while volunteering to work on farms in exchange for food and accommodation. Our WWOOFers work hard, but not too hard, and there's always a chance for a bit of play and relaxation - especially in summer, down by the river. WWOOFers have contributed a lot to Riverside Farm and we appreciate the time and effort they have put in to helping create our wonderful slice of paradise. If you're interested in WWOOFing at Riverside Farm, you can find out more at WWOOF New Zealand.